Square shaped cushion covers


1. 1.1/2 Metre pink internatonal fur
2. 1.1/2 Metre white international fur
3. Needle and thread
4. Scissors
5.Eyes and Nose
6. Draft


STEP 1 Take the pink fur and cut equally in square shape same size 4 piece and then with the pink fur in triangle shape 4 piece and white fur triangle 4 pieces cut it equally n join the white and pink triangle pieces..

STEP 2 Cut the fur with the help of the draft cut the face and join on the triangle side...

STEP 3 Take the square part and join with the triangle part from the back side...Stitch only three sides ...From the 4th side attach the zip...

STEP 4 Turn the pillow ...

 NOTE: Dont use tailoring machine...

Your Pillow Is Ready...."Work Nicely Sleep Nicely On Soft Pillow"

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