Heart Shaped Pillow


1. 1/4 Metre pink internatonal fur
2. 1/4 Metre white international fur
3. Needle and thread
4.Cotton 1/2 kgs
5. Scissors
6.Eyes and Nose   
7. Satern lace       


STEP 1 Take both the fur and cut equally in heart shape and with the help of the draft cut the face and join it and attach to pink side of fur...

STEP 2 Turn backside of fur attach the satern ribbon and stitch it..leave little to put the cotton....

STEP 3 Turn the fur to its fresh side and put the cotton inside...

STEP 4 Stitch that side from the front ..Take small stitches...

Your Pillow Is Ready...."Work Nicely Sleep Nicely On Soft Pillow"

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