Items Required

Measurement For One Bowl: bowl corn flour bowl fevicol (Adhesive gel)
3.glycriene 1.5 tsp
4.lime juice 1.5 tsp
5.zinc oxide 1.5 tsp
6. Vaseline

              Put all the ingredients accept vaseline in an almininum pan and stear it on gas for maximum 3 mins....(utill it becomes like a dove)
              Off the gas and apply vasliene on a smooth surface and even on your hands and put tat dove on tat surface..and make tat dove as smooth u can make....

To make colourful dove:
                              In the dove put TUBE  colour whichever combi you like and again mix that dove very well with the will get a smooth dove prepared.

How to make the bowls:
                             Take soup bowls..... on tat  dove which you made just make that dove round and with (belan )stick make that dove a big roti like should be thin....take that roti and apply on soup bowl...
Your half portion is ready....

Upper part of bowl:
                          Make skul like tight ponis on with the shown in the picture...and even rose flowers and leaves with it...and decrote it...

            Its a plywood cut Tray...on tat just put a handmade sheet and corners apply the dove...and flowers as a decorate part... Your Lamasa tray with bowl is ready...

                          Just clean it with wet napkin.....

              Its just easy to make it... and whenever guest cums at your place its easy to serve in it.
                                Dry fruits make  people serve them and even u have...hai na 


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  2. Where can i find zinc oxide powder?

  3. if i want to stick it then which glu can i use ??

  4. Your instructions are simple and clear....
    Creative and pretty articles.
    A spell check would be nice as it would make your article more professional (Dove=dough)

  5. request you to pls share steps for making roses.

  6. Check out items that can be made using lamasa clay -

  7. Are you suppose to bake lamasa items when they are ready?


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