Kalash with Narel

Items required to make kalash:

1. one aluminium pot (small size)
2. velvet cloth
3. different colours of kundan..


           On the pot stick the velvet cloth all over...On the kalash with any colour of chalk draw (swatik.chandrama and 3 rounds)...on the opposite sides...And other two sides draw any designs...On the designs with different colours of kundan stick on the drawings made with chalk...On the vacant place all over apply white colour of kundan as it gives shine to your product...


Items required for Coconut (narel) and hopari (dry small badam )

1. Plaster of paris
2. gum
3. fevicol
4. different colours of kundan
5. welwet cloth


      In a dub take plaster of paris put fevicol and little gum and with water make dough...(dough must be not liquid type)...with the dough make one big coconut and small coconut...(the shape must be perfect)...

      On that stick the welwet cloth and make the designs on the opp. sides as done in kalash for both the coconut..

     On that stick different colours of  kundan and on vacant place white kundans...

Items required

1. one Indhani (pot keeping)
2. one jhumka
3. different colours of kundan


         On the idhani with kundan make different designs and stick the kundans...In the middle stitch jhumka..

                                  Your Kalash Is Ready To Use ....

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