Plywood Painting

Items Required

1. Violin shape plywood cutting
2. Pearl colours
3. Ceramic and fevicol
4. Silver small size kundan
5. One 12 no. brush
6. Pearl powder colours
7. Show buttons
8. Black asain paint
9. MSeal

STEP 1 On the plywood apply Ceramic mixture in d way of tapping brush as it shows the dotted effect and dry it..

STEP 2 On that paint the whole with black asain paint and then blow the three different colours n dry it ...Later Stick kundans all over the border of the plywood..

STEP 3 Take the M Seal and make flowers n stick on the borders of the frame ...Before that paint the flowers and let they dry...

STEP 4 Stick the show buttons as show in the above picture in a straight line..

          "Your Beautiful Photo Frame Is Ready"

1 comment:

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