Items required

1. thick canvas
2. bandhani cloth(cotton square dotted cloth)
3. one saree lace (1/2 mtr)
4. sankh (kabadi)
5. 8 big white kundan
6. small cloth flowers
7. red and green small kundan
8. medium side cloth flowers
9. 9 jhumkis
10. fevicol


STEP 1 Take the canvas and cut it according to ur door side in rectangle shape...stick the bandhani cloth to the canvas... inshort bandhani cloth is used to cover up the canvas...both the sides..
STEP 2 So now the decoration part starts with the lace...cut the lace of the size little less with the stick bandhani cloth...then stick the lace...
STEP 3 On the lace stick 4 bunches of sankh (8) leaving equal space..on tat stick big white kundan...
STEP 4 So in between sankh the vacant space stick small cloth flowers on on tat decorate that with red and green kundan..
STEP 5 Stitch the red flowers on the down part of thorun...with that stick the jhumkis...
STEP 6 For make tat to hang make some small loops and stitch it..

                           Ur thorun is ready to hang..

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