Clay Antic Painting

Items Required  

1. 20/20 water proof board 8mm
2. Wood primer
3. Flaar brush no.16 or 20
4. Rough base paste or Texture white
5. Black or Brown asain paint
6. Half tsp copper or gold pwdr..


                          So on tat plywood first apply Wood Primer White with 16 or 20 no flaar brush and keep it for complete dry.
                           Next step is apply Rough Base paste with small small dotted effect and keep till dries...
                           Last step is to apply asian paint mixed with copper or gold powder....
       Keep aside for one day till it completly dries....

Items Required  To Make Flower Other Finishing Part:

1. Clay Powder 1kg
2. SH Fevicol
3.Ceramic Gum or Camel gum
4.Antic colourspowder (Copper,Gold rich and dull,Purple,Pinkish,Magenta,Light and Dark Brownze,Silver Dark and Light....)
5. Antic Mix Thinner


1. Make a dove with Ceramic fevicol and gum (One cup fevicol add 1/4 cup of gum)...keep that dove in normal small cover...(as it can dry )
2 .Then make different types of flowers as shown in above picture or your own ideas ....
3. Apply all the flowers in different patterns on plywood...
4. Apply colours (in colour add few drops of turpentine and antic mix thinner).
5 .Last touch up is to apply Clear Varnish all over the this gives you shinning llokmto your Painting...

          Simple and Easy way to do such a Beautiful Painting as said
                     "TIMED SAVED WITH MORE PATIENCE"

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