Items to be required

1. Sand pipe
2. Ceramic powder
3. Fevicol
4. Kundan (different colours)
5. Black asain paint one tin
6. Gold fevicryl pwder
7. Varnish


STEP 1 In a dub mix ceramic fevicol and little water to make liquid like paste...

STEP 2 Take the sand pipe and apply a thin layer of ceramic liquid type dry it for whole one day...

STEP 3 Make different types of flowers and stick it all over with tat on each leaves or flowers types put a kundan inside as it s seen..

STEP 4 Let it dry for sometime....Later apply asain paint allover fowers and everwere accept on kundan..

STEP 5 Do not make tat dry ..before it dries apply golder pwdr with brush were ever it looks attractive...

STEP 6 Apply garnish allover as it gives shine to ur product...

                            YOUR WALL HANGING IS READY

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