Deepak Stand(Candle)

Items Required:

1.One 9 inch water plastic pipe..or some chips bottle steel plate
5.pop(plaster of paris)
6.chimki(shinning powder)
8.copper n golder fabric pwdr colour
10.deepak 18 big deepak


Step 1: Take the pipe and in between tat make marks to put deepak and then with knife cut tat place and make scale pieces to put inside tat cut...See tat it looks like stand for deepak.

Step 2:Now on tat apply POP mixed with fevicol and water... apply all over pipe and plate and stand... 

Step 3:Apply clean sand all over were all u applied POP.

Step 4:Let it dry for one day in sun...later take all the extra sand from it.

Step 5:On this on apply sequence very near near to each other all over as shown in the above picture...the same in the plate too

Step  6:Later after this paint up deepak ...apply sequence according to your wish and make deepak look fab. and put all the deepak on the stands

Step 7:Now take the blower and whichever u like colour combi take tat and blow on tat sequence ....same on  plate too.

Step 8: Your deepak stand is completed...

              This is very easy to make and takes very less time to make it...u can try this at home whenevr u feel bore....As Deepak always Lighten Up Your Life With Brightness

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