Mirror Pot

Items required

1. Small mirror (face seeing mirror)
2. Ceramic powder
3. Fevicol
4. Binding gum
5. Fabric Paints
6. Sum sequence
7. 2 Pots(samll one)
8. Kundan (red n golden)
9. Gold paint(fabricone)


STEP 1 Mix ceramic fevicol in a dub and first make liquid paste and apply on mirror a thin border on paste one sided length and breadth as shown in the picture...with the nib of ball point pen make some design and let it dry for one hour...

STEP 2 In a dub mix gum fevicol and ceramic powder and make a dough with which we can make flowers..

STEP 3 Make rose flowers...leaves and stem and colour it fabric...

STEP 4 Apply black colour on the dried one mirror...on that stick the flowers accordingly...and stick some sequence... let it dry..

STEP 5 Take the pot ...apply golden colour all over pot..

STEP 6 On the pot stick kundan diagonlly to eachother....

STEP 7 Put the pot on mirror as shown above...

                                           "YOUR POT WITH MIRROR IS READY"

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