Name Plate

Items Required

1. Plywood cutting of any desired shape
2. Asain paint green colour
3. Ceramic and fevicol
4. Round shaped 12 no. Mirror one packet
5. Small bids
6. one flower


STEP 1 On the plywood apply Ceramic mixture in d way of tapping brush as it shows the dotted effect and dry it..

STEP 2 On that paint Green asain paint and dry it ...Later Stick Mirror all over the border of the plywood on two sides..

STEP 3 Stick the bids with the mirror in the between and give the border on the other two  sides...

STEP 4 With the same bids writing the WELCOME to make the name plate...

STEP 5 On the top put the Flower...

"Your Beautiful Name Plate FrameIs Ready"

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